Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Memory of Kisser, a Trusting Trophy

I first met Kisser during the 2007 rut

And again during the 2008 rut


During the 2009 rut Kisser was King!

My last visit with him was in March of this year

Kisser never once showed any aggression or fear during any of these encounters.  I watched while he was approached by some, much closer than I would have felt comfortable with, and yet he was always the perfect gentleman.

Now he is gone, shot last Monday, the first day of the Pa Elk Season.  His antlers measured an amazing 14" circumference at the base.  A bull that was totally trusting of humans, spent time in the village of Benezette and thrilled elk viewers for a number of years is now a trophy.

Last year it was the 9X8, this year it was Kisser.  The sad legacy of killing the trusting Pennsylvania elk in the name of hunting continues.............


Montanagirl said...

He is magnificent as are your photos. Why do they allow hunting there? This is just so sad. That's no challenge to walk up and shoot an animal that has learned to trust humans. Makes me feel really bad.

Melinda said...

How did you learn what happened?

Coy Hill said...

This bull was very well known and reconizable.

I recieved a call that day telling me the word around Benezette was that Kisser had been killed and then later it was confirmed by an article in the Endeavor News.

My thoughts exactly! Why do we have a "trophy hunt" in this area. A change to the hunt structure is needed.

However distasteful we may view the killing of this animal what the hunter did was legal.

I don't know the hunter so I cannot speak to whether he knew that he was killing an animal that he could have walked up to. He probably did as the Endeavor News reported that his family has a camp in the area and most if not all elk in this area are acclimated to humans.

The problem here is not so much with the individual as it is with the policy. When an applicant is awarded an elk tag that person has no control over what hunting unit it is for or whether it is a bull or cow tag. The regulations that allow bull hunting in this area are the crux of the issue.

Anonymous said...

A very nice post, Coy. Thank you for this wonderful tribute to our friend. He will be missed.

Meggie said...

Such a magnificent animal. It is truly our loss. I have many friends that are hunters but I still don't understand or appreciate it. And, I will never "get over it!"

Rambling Woods said...

Oh that is terrible...I wasn't aware of the elk issue at all....