Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pa Deer Season Opener

As daylight creeps over the rural countryside in the morning the sound of gunshots will echo between the mountains and across the valleys.  In some areas it will be lawful for hunters with the proper tags to harvest either bucks or does while in others the season will be for bucks only.

Buck hunters must also be mindful of the number of points the deer carries as in some areas it takes three points on one side while in others four.  Most importantly hunters need to be careful as no deer is worth taking a chance that may injure another human.

Sightings like the image above will provide grist for hunting camp stories to be told for years to come of the "big one that got away".

Good luck Bucks, I'm rooting for ya :)


Nancy said...

Deer (firearm) season ended here about a week ago. Muzzleloader starts up shortly.

We have so many deer in these parts, it's necessary to thin down the herds because many are killed on the roads by vehicles.

Nice buck you captured there. :)

Montanagirl said...

Deer season ended yesterday at sundown here. That's a beautiful Buck in your photo. Nice rack. My nephews have a guiding business "Milk River Outfitters", so at times, I'm torn in two directions about the whole hunting thing. I know it's necessary to keep the herds thinned out or they'll be rampant with disease and starvation, not to mention over-population.

Coy Hill said...

I agree with both of you, hunting is necessary to keep deer herds in control. Without the top level predators the deer population can quickly out grow their environment causing an unacceptable amount of forest, agricultural, landscaping, and vehicle damage. However I'm still rooting for some smart 'ol bucks to win :)

Bill said...

Great Blog Coy, Its nice to see someone enjoy deer photography as mych as myself. If you have a moment I would love to share my blog with you

Rambling Woods said...

Shotgun season here and I do understand the need for it, but already there was a guy killed when he fell out of his dear stand and an 18 year old who fell into a gorge and it took 8 hours to be able to get him rescued...other various injuries....wish they would be more careful.....Michelle