Thursday, December 02, 2010

Wingshooting Doves

I remember back years ago when I tried hunting doves.  Hitting these fast flying lightweights with a shotgun was no easy task.

While photographing feeder birds this week the doves began landing nearby.  Always ready for a new photographic challange I began trying to capture them on the wing as they arrived.

This dove came in fast making a U turn then folding its wings as it plopped down in the meadow to begin feeding.  I thought hitting doves with a shotgun was difficult back in the day; it was nothing compared with trying to keep them in the viewfinder, maintain focus and capture a decent image.   

These images do not measure up to the quality I normally post here at Country Captures but considering the difficulty of the subject I felt it fitting to share what I have accomplished to date.  Getting a truly good image of a dove landing or taking flight remains an unrealized goal. 


Montanagirl said...

It's never easy to keep a flying bird in the viewfinder. You still managed a couple of pretty cool shots!

Arija said...

You did well getting focus against that background at all.

I recently had fun with a flock of Cape Barren geese and I am glad no-one was there to hear the language!

Nancy said...

I think you did just fine. Besides their obvious beauty, a mourning dove's call or song -- is a joy to hear in springtime.

Chris said...

Well done Coy... This is very difficult to do!