Friday, April 15, 2011

Harassment: Avian Style

I watched as the eagle arrived at the lake swooping in low over the water.  Soon a lone crow flew out from the woodland beginning to harass the eagle with very close fly-bys, better described as dive-bombing, while calling loudly.

A number of crows nest in these woods each spring and I would expect that this crow was defending its nesting territory. 

After a few minutes of rapid fire action the eagle flew over the nearby mountain top, apparently looking for somewhere where the "locals" didn't object to its presence.

Observing wildlife interact makes the days afield all the more enjoyable, being able to capture a photo is always a bonus!


TexWisGirl said...

Oh my. That's wonderful! You did great! I've never seen a bald eagle in person and your shot shows it very gracefully (even under duress...)

Montanagirl said...

This is a wonderful capture! I've caught a few shots like that too - it's always fun and exciting when they turn out!

Meggie said...

I never would have imagined a crow would have the nerve to try to intimidate an eagle. Go figure. I guess where one's nest and young are at stake, a creature will do just about anything to protect them.