Friday, October 14, 2011

Don't Come in out of the Rain

Photo taken during a downpour

When we think outdoors we usually consider a day without precipitation as being a better time to be afield.  However if we confine our time out to the clear dry days we will be missing some of the very best the outdoors has to offer.

Recently while reading a post by fellow blogger Ian Nance concerning how cold influences deer movement I began thinking about how wet influences wildlife and wildlife photography.  Although my opinion is based purely on anecdotal evidence it is based upon over five decades of personally observing wildlife.  Most species of wildlife are very active during wet days particularly those days that remain cloudy with light rain and mist. 

Great Blue Heron landing

From a photography perspective wet weather is a great time to capture scenes with heavily saturated colors.  Not only does the rain saturate us it also saturates the colors.  Combine the color saturation, autumn foliage, and a little mist and you get a photograph like you could never capture on a bluebird day.

If you are shooting a DSLR don't overly concern yourself about getting the camera wet; most of them can take it.  Keeping a plastic grocery bag handy to cover the camera with during heavy rain will suffice as will a garbage bag to protect the camera bag.  I have photographed during heavy rain with water running off the camera and lens and had no problems develop.  I have read that one should not wipe a wet camera but rather blot it to keep from pushing water in around the controls; a practice I follow.

Cool wet days also seems to bring out the best in fishing

Even on rainy days it may not rain all of the time.  At the end of the day with a light mist falling this wet young bull paused from feeding long enough to pose against the clearing sky. 


TexWisGirl said...

just beautiful! the colors in the GBH photo are stunning (we don't get that range here in Texas). and the shots in the downpour are amazing. and that's some fish! :)

Montanagirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love that last shot.

~mel said...

Gorgeous photos, as always. I'm jealous ~ I wish I had a spot like that to go and watch the elk. Nice fish too!!! Thanks for sharing:)

Ian Nance said...

Yes, those days of drizzle have led to some good hunts over the years...and fine photos for you. Wonderful post!

(and thanks for the shout out!)

Blair Cessna said...

I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on getting out in the field on foul weather days. Good stuff can still be photographed. Been there many times. Great job..