Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rutting Morning

Chasing does

Chasing other bucks attempting to cut in on the doe of the day

Watching for opponents 

And observing them watching from a distance

Really makes a fellow...


There are different approaches that one can use when photographing wildlife in an area where the animals are acclimated to human presence.  Some photographers will attempt to keep moving trying to capture shots of as many different animals as possible while others will find a single subject and attempt to stay with it, capturing different poses, backgrounds, and lighting as the animal goes about its day.

Personally I am inclined to stick with a good subject as long as it is available, maximizing my actual shooting time, but by doing so I may miss out on something interesting happening nearby.  So which is the best approach?  Your thoughts are appreciated. 


Ruth Hiebert said...

I am not a wildlife photographer,so any way works as long as you get good shots. These are amazing.

TexWisGirl said...

great shots again, coy.

Unknown said...

Nice pictures and good writeup really tells a story with pictures.

I think either method is ok-but I really enjoy the way you do it. Last Friday I spent about 4 hours with that buck and as you said it is interesting to get them in different poses, different light and also one gets the advantage of studying the behavior while photographing.

I enjoyed this post very much


Ian Nance said...

Looks like you have it figured out. Great pics!

Arija said...

I do love your wonderful pictures so much . . .

Brian King said...

You really have an abundance of subjects! Wonderful pictures! Trying to get photos like that in our whitetail territory would be very difficult.