Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Springtime Denizens of the Wetlands

While spring is over a month old, cooler than normal temps most days have kept new growth in check.  This is very evident in the wetlands where much of the vegetation looks as if it is still late winter.  While the appearance hasn't changed much since winter; wildlife is bustling with activity as they prepare for the nesting/birthing season.
Red-winged Blackbird Male
Canon 6D, 600MM, ISO 400, f5.6,1/1000 

Wood Duck Male
Canon 6D, 600mm, ISO400, f5.6,1/160

Canon 6D, 600mm, ISO-400, f5.6,1/1600

Eastern Phoebe
Canon 6D, 600mm, ISO-500,f5.6,1/320

Eastern Phoebe
Canon 6D, 600mm, ISO-500, f5.6,1/200

Nesting Canada Goose
Canon 6D, 600mm, ISO-500, f5.6, 1/250


Lindsjö taxar said...

Great Pictures. THe Wood duck is Amazing with the Beautiful colours

TexWisGirl said...

i really like the first phoebe portrait and the muskrat. :)

Montanagirl said...

Beautiful photos, Coy! Is your camera a 6D or a 60D? I thought at one time (a long time ago) you mentioned getting a Canon 60D. but in this post you're saying you are using a 6D. I was wondering how well you like the 60D if that's what you're using. Please let me know, because I'm contemplating getting one of those (60D, that is).

Ruth Hiebert said...

Each picture is beautiful. I am amazed at the clarity and the depth of colour. I shouldn't be,you are a great photographer.

Elaine said...

Beautiful series of shots, especially the wood duck! Spring is very slow coming here too, with two steps forward and one step back. We had snow again this morning, but looks like most of the new stuff has melted, but we're in for a few days just above freezing. Some of the migrating birds have arrived, but it's definitely slow going.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous captures! I love the muskrat shot.

troutbirder said...

Terrific shots. And we're still looking late winter drab here (in southeastern Minnesota) as well. Still the birds are arriving and things are looking up...:)