Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grapevine Visitors

Goldfinch Male
 Over thirty years ago I planted a pair of concord grapevines.  Over the years they have produced good quantities of grapes most years and provide a place for birds to congregate and even for a few species to nest.  Since the vines are only a few feet from our spare bedroom window I decided to remove the window screen and use our home as a blind for some "grapevine shots"

A brilliantly marked Goldfinch was the bright spot of the morning was he basked in the early morning sunshine.

Northern Mockingbird

A Northern Mockingbird found the grapevine inviting as he perched among the new shoots singing his way through an extensive repertoire. 

Sadly the day after I shot these photographs our temperature plunged to below freezing, killing the new growth as well any hope for a crop this year.


Ruth Hiebert said...

Seems that this spring is really strange all over.The bird shots are great.

FAB said...

Great shots thro' the window Coy.

Similar weather conditions over here affecting all the wildlife particularly all those species migrating northwards towards the UK.

Linda said...

Gorgeous series of photos!

eileeninmd said...

Pretty shots! Love the Goldie!