Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nature's Bounty

July, a month known for its hot days and high humidity, is a time for harvesting nature's bounty.  In our area the wild red raspberries are beginning to ripen.  Back in the 70's black raspberries and high black berries were very common.  Our family would pick and preserve them by the gallons.  Today the Japanese Wineberry has succeeded in becoming the predominate wild berry and can be found along roadside and in forest openings.  One does not need to be a land owner to enjoy the bounty of wild berries; picking berries on Pennsylvania State Game Lands is lawful. 

Veggie gardens are also producing at this time of year.

Home canning is a simple way to preserve some produce for future use.


Spc said...

Hello, I believe those are Japanese Wineberries.


Coy Hill said...

Sam Carlson, Thank you for identifying the berries. I googled the Japanese Wineberries and read that they are considered an invasive species. Invasive they may be but they produce a tremendous quantity of tasty fruit.