Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mink: A Stream Sitting Surprise

Much of my wildlife photography outings over the past year has been focused on watching areas along the creek bordering our family farm.  With farm chores keeping me close to home much of the time, I decided to utilize the creek as it attracts a variety of wildlife.  In addition to attracting wildlife and providing an opening where the creatures may be seen water, with its many reflections, adds infinitely to many of the images.

I was thrilled one morning this past week when I spotted a mink hunting along the creek and headed my way.  At one point I lost sight of it and then noticed a bubble stream moving rapidly about turning this way and that.  A few moments later the mink surfaced allowing me to capture the bottom photo posted below with its prey, a large crayfish, grasp securely.  The mink carried the crayfish into the weeds where I could hear crunching and soon reappeared to continue hunting.  It is memorable moments like these that keep getting me up and out in the early mornings.  


Ruth Hiebert said...

Excellent capture. This is an animal that,at least around here,isn't seen very often.

Sue said...

Nice shots. I agree-early mornings are great for seeing what's really going on in the world.

Woody Meristem said...

Great photos of that mink. They're so bold and aggressive that it's lucky we're as large as we are.