Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Crossroads School

My Grandfather was born in 1901. He and his siblings attended the Cross Roads School. They had a two mile walk to reach the school. Of course this trip was made regardless of weather conditions. The country schools of that day had all eight grades in one room with one teacher. Blanche Hollinshead is the teacher in this picture. I remember her from my childhood. She organized a non-denominational bible school which we attended each summer. She would frequently call on my grandfather to give a “Habit Talk”. The habit talk was a short story illustrating a moral lesson. She also did substitute teaching at my elementary school. Granddad is one of the small boys pictured in this class photograph taken in about 1910.

This is the Cross Roads School house today. It is now used by its present owner as a workshop


Kimberley said...

I love reading you stories of "history" its amazing to see how things were in comparison to now. I love the second shot...WOW

Coy Hill said...

Thanks Kimberly, I always loved to hear the old stories of the family. My grandfather was quite the story teller and I remember many of them. I wish he were still here today, I would love to hear him tell them all one more time but he has been gone some 22 years now. Gone but certainly not forgotten!

photowannabe said...

Family history is fascinating. Wish I had known my grandparents. Love the old photo.