Thursday, December 10, 2009

Response to Anonymous

Deer Poached by Jacklighters
Recently I received two Anonymous comments on a post made back in 2007. The post, Jacklighting, Tools of the Trade, dealt with the illegal act of shinning a spotlight on wildlife during an attempt to unlawfully kill it.

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who really cares if someone lights a deer deer they just create problems for insurance companys and motorists. the tags someone gets accounts for a deer who cares where or how they choose to fill it. its a waste of tax money and a waste of police time their are more serious crimes being commited in the usa someone shooting deer after dark is a pety thing to waste time and money on.

Posted by Anonymous to Country Captures at Sat Nov 28, 12:04:00 PM EST

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Jacklighting, Tools of the Trade":

i forgot to add something it is illegal as well to deseve someone. and always enjoy the story of the man who sued minnesota game authority and won 10,000 dollars for their use of fake deer to deseve him into shooting. deception is the lowest life crime in the world especially in a marriage. why would law enforcment want to use low life and illegal tactics

Posted by Anonymous to Country Captures at Sat Nov 28, 12:13:00 PM EST

Anonymous asked who cares.
Well I suppose that folks in their homes have no expectation of safety and should accept bullets whizzing through the air during all hours of darkness when the criminals cannot see what is behind their living targets. Ethical hunters should not care that a thief is killing the animals that they are hoping to bag legally during the hunting season. Landowners are not to care that bullets are being shot into the dark fields where their livestock is grazing nor are they to care that poachers are trespassing upon and damaging their properties. As for insurance companies, I really don’t believe that they care one bit about deer populations. Insurance companies assess premiums based upon risk. High insurance rates are a problem for motorist, not for insurance companies.

Secondly (deer) tag is mentioned.
In my years of conservation law enforcement my experience was that is was problem enough to convince some otherwise lawful hunters to use their tags during lawful seasons & hours. Never once did I encounter a night poacher using their deer tag. The poachers kill is unregulated and unaccounted for; a situation that if allowed to get out of control would negatively impact the success of wildlife management programs.

Thirdly, a waste of police time and tax money

Conservation Officers in Pennsylvania are just that, Conservation Officers, not general police officers. Their duty is to enforce the conservation laws of the state. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is responsible for the management of the state’s wildlife resources both game and non-game. The PGC is funded primarily through the sale of hunting license along with monies derived through the sale of minerals and timber from the lands owned by the commission. Also the agency received funds collected by the federal government from taxes on outdoor sporting equipment. In short the PGC receives no general tax fund monies and is funded by hunter’s dollars. The appointed commission members oversee the agency and formulate regulation governing hunting within the framework of Pa Title 34. In short Anonymous, ethical hunters do not agree with your opinions.

Anonymous considers poaching to be a petty thing.
Well there is nothing petty with stealing wildlife from the citizens and endangering their safety by blasting away into the darkness.

Lastly you are so pleased that a poacher “beat the system” in Minnesota .
It took me a couple of reads to understand what you were attempting to say in this comment. Apparently our public school system failed you during the years you were incarcerated there. No one is deserved (deceived?) to illegally shoot at a deer from a vehicle unless they were previously inclined to poach. This court decision may have been handed down in Minnesota but here in Pennsylvania the use of decoys to thwart road hunting is alive and well and the charges stick, as well they should!

The attitude toward wildlife expressed by anonymous is a common attitude among wildlife criminals who abuse our precious wildlife resources. That those who harbor these attitudes are in the minority is a blessing.


Willard said...

That is telling it like it is. I always love it when some criminal or moral degenerate hides behind the anonymous tag. It they have something to say they should be proud to put their name to it.

I arrested a lot of people like him in my career and would be glad to do so again if I were younger and still working law enforcement.

Sue said...

I live in Northern Michigan, and poaching is a serious problem here. I can't tell you how many times I've seen these jerks driving by REALLY SLOW in the middle of the night....followed by a shot. I'm glad my house is made of stone! Worst part is they feel it's their right-well, what about my right to not worry about them shooting my house,my barn,or worse yet, us? I pay for tags because it supports projects and programs that benefit wildlife. These skanks are taking a free ride off all of us. For shame!
Thank you for a post that is LONG overdue. Unfortunatly, these idiots are so illiterate, they will somehow "not get it"!!

Montanagirl said...

I'm with you, Coy. I live in a hunting community, and my nephew owns a Guiding Business. A year ago or so, someone shot a Bull Elk Southwest of town, cut off its antlers, and left the animal to rot. How sad is that?

Brad Myers said...

It took some nerve for this uneducated individual to post these comments. I guess with his mentality he needs to poach for food, I doubt he could fill out an application for employment.

I hate to see illegal hunting and poaching but if they do I hope you guys always get your man.

I read Rangers last post with the hunting decoy and find nothing unethical about using it. I feel it is a fair way to catch those that do not follow the rules.

Coy you spoke much better to this person than I would have. I think I am nearing retirement as I have hit overload with stupid people.

I think we need a trip north for Elk since the south doesn't open for a few more weeks. Between Christmas and New Years. Why not join us?

Mel said...

Hi Coy,

As I life in a big grey city, I have no experience with poachers or hunting. However, I do respect wildlife, ecosystems, and the law.

When I comment on someone's blog and do not agree, I keep my name, as I'm not afraid to say what I think, specially when I think I'm right. Those who hide behind anonymous comments are not worth reading.

It is sad that such people exist all over, and that they do not care about life, human or animal, as safety for both is an important issue in your post.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Hugs from Peru,


Kim said...

Poacher=Coward in my book and give hunters a bad name overall. Wish penalites would be more severe when people get caught). Heavy fines would be nice to help offset some of those awful insurance costs. ;-)

JPT said...

How are you on Raccoon hunting with dogs (when the dogs kill the Raccoon)?

Meggie said...

Kudos to you, Coy, for even responding to such a comment. I agree...if someone has something to say, put your name to it! Obviously, spelling isn't a strong suit of his/hers. I'm guessing he/she doesn't spell responsibility very well either.

Phyllis said...

I'm not a fancier of hunting but understand and accept ethical and legal hunting.

I live where there are a lot of ignorant people when it comes to how they treat ANY animal.

I'm glad that wildlife officials try their best to enforce the laws.

troutbirder said...

Ok good post. Still I'm embarrased to note my residence in Minnesota at this point. I'm skeptical about the so called court decision on "entrapment." Furthermore I tend to think redneck anonymous wandered in from Wyoming, where chasing an alpha wolf, who wandered in from YNP, on a snowmobile for three day before killing it is considered "fair chase" and legal.

Misty DawnS said...

Anonymous is a degenerate who gets kicks out of starting debates by coming off with absolutely moronic comments.

I've never ever seen a hunter with a deer tag shoot a deer and just leave it to waste, like poachers do.

I have a lot more to say, but I don't want to hijack your comment section. Anonymous is infuriating and ignorant.

Ranger said...

I agree, it takes a low life to hide behind anonymous, apparently this person does not appreciate wildlife, and has no clue of reality. maybe some day they will be man enough to own up to who they are. Sounde like a poacher to me.