Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Highlights

A day of striper fishing on the Chesapeake did not yield any keeper fish but the sunrise certainly was memorable. I made this image with my little Canon S2 IS point&shoot. I guess the batteries are getting old for after shooting just three shots of the sunrise the camera shut down telling me to change batteries; not an easy task as I had just put my spare batteries in the handheld GPS unit we were using to navigate

Visiting our local lake on Friday I was closing in on a flock of lesser scaup when I noticed more ducks along the shoreline. Checking them out through the camera lens I realized that they were American Wigeon, a much less common duck than the scaup. Getting close to the shy Wigeon was out of the question as they flew before I was able to maneuver to within good camera range. This is only the second time I have encountered the American Wigeon in my area.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful sunrise picture.Even a smaller camera can take a good picture.

Elaine said...

The photo of the American Wigeons is beautiful. The composition is very good and the whole scene is lovely.

I was fortunate enough last year at this time to get some good closeups of some Wigeons. We had a lot more snowfall last year and there were ponds right by the front fence at Creamer's Field and they were full of birds. This year our snowfall was very low, and there are only the big ponds further out in the field. So far I haven't been able to identify any Wigeons.

Peggy said...

Nice find! I have yet to see a Widgeon, but was on my list as I took a trip to Chicago and got the wood duck closeups...No widgeon! Anyway, congrats on this rare sighting!

Chris said...

Well done on the American wigeon Coy. it is a rare bird over here, but it happens that we see some regularly around Reykjavik... I love the wigeon picture, even if it is from a distance, it's beautiful.

Les Barr said...

Coy, that's a nice Image of the sunrise at sea. Reminds me of more than 40 yrs. ago of the picture I took from our Destroyer while at sea off the coast of Vietnam. I think that I still have it somewhere. I have to take a look.


Mary Howell Cromer said...

Coy, the choppy waters against the backdrop of a peaceful sky, is really a wonderful catch. Have a great weekend~