Thursday, July 22, 2010

As Close as it Gets: Bullfrog

Usually the first indication that a bullfrog is close by is a peep, kersplash, plop as the frog leaps for the safety of the water from its hiding spot.

I located this frog sitting out in the open of the wetland amid the vegetation growing in the shallow water.  By approaching slowly the frog sat as if transfixed while I maneuvered into range of the 400mm lens with a 25mm extension tube attached.

As I photographed the frog the only detectable movement was its throat movement as it breathed.  Note the two small leaches attached to the frog's throat.

Once finished photographing I backed away to maybe 20-30 feet before turning around to walk away.  As soon as I turned I heard the distinct peep, kersplash, Plop!  The frog had waited until I was no longer making eye contact to execute his evasion actions.


Leedra said...

Like a rabbit, they seem to think if they don't move as long as a person is looking straight at them the person can't see them. How funny sometimes.

Awesome photograph.

Your missus came for a visit to my blog this morning. She hadn't been in a while and it was nice to hear from her.

Adrienne Zwart said...

Great capture, Coy!
I'm familiar with the peep, kersplash sound you mentioned. Every time I get close to the creek as I tend the flowers, I hear those sounds. I still have no idea what kind of frogs they are.

Elaine said...

Wonderful shot! I'll bet all the while you were approaching him you were expecting to hear peep, kersplash, plop. You must have had him mesmerized.

Montanagirl said...

Wow, I'm late getting here to comment, but this is a great shot! So sharp and he's like a statue!

Meggie said...

A handsome little bugger, for sure!