Friday, January 06, 2012

Middle Creek Ringers

Working my way through my archives I found these ring-necked duck shots from March of 2010.

Ring-necked ducks pass through Pennsylvania during their spring and fall migrations.  Nesting on ponds and marshes in the boreal forest of Canada and wintering in the southern US states they spend only a few weeks passing through southern Pennsylvania.

Ring-necked ducks are divers however unlike other divers they can leap into the air without pattering.  In this photo a male can be seen surfacing.  Look closely and you will see that the surface tension of the water causes him to looks as if his head is encased in plastic.

I photographed these ducks at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management area.  The images are cropped more that what I would have preferred but getting close to waterfowl is not a viable option at most of the  Middle Creek viewing spots.


Montanagirl said...

Well they're very nice photos. You see such a variety of birds and animals!

PaWingers said...

Coy...I really like that second shot where is head is just popping up out of the water. Man, you just gotta love digital when you can just keep on snapping pictures like a wild man. If it was still film we'd all be in the poorhouse.

Brian King said...

Beautiful ducks and great shots!