Thursday, July 19, 2012

Feeding Underwater: Whitetail Buck

While fishing a few days ago I spotted a young whitetail buck feeding along the shoreline.  Wanting to get a closer shot I headed his way and he didn't seem to mind.

But what he did next was a complete surprise as he submerged his head up to his ears, feeding on the underwater grasses.  Last year this lake was lowered about seven feet throughout the growing season and the lake bed grew up in lush grasses along this area.  Although submerged this year, the grasses continue to grow.

Going a little too deep at one point he jerked his head up shaking violently in an attempt to remove the water from his ear canal.  Not exactly a "perfect pose" but a cute shot nonetheless.

The buck didn't mind my presence as I was within forty yards and slowly drawing nearer using the boats electric motor set on slow, however when my cell phone began to ring it was too much for him and he moved off.  Cell phone are certainly handy but in this situation it prematurely ended a unique experience.  Sometimes there is more to life than staying connected :)


PaWingers said...

Very cool capture Coy! We were up on Kettle Creek a couple years ago and took several pictures of a doe up to her eyeballs in water. We thought that was cool but she never submerged as far as this young buck.

Montanagirl said...

Love it! He looks a little wet - and surprised!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and unique captures!

Unknown said...

I always like the way you deliver a story with images. You capture nature in a realistic way!

Val said...

What wonderful photos...look forward to seeing more!

Your newest follower.