Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boating for Color

Our fall colors are improving each day.  While they will not reach their peak for 1-2 weeks yet a sunny morning of fishing gave me the chance to shoot autumn foliage reflections on calm water.

A little low-hanging fog still lingers over the far end of the lake as the sunrise lights the western shoreline.

Autumn's following a dry summer are less colorful than those that experienced plentiful rainfall.  With plenty of precipitation this year our 2012 fall foliage season should be outstanding.

Foliage Reflection
Not only were the colors outstanding during this outing but the fishing wasn't to be sneezed at either.



Ruth Hiebert said...

If this isn't the peak,I can't imagine how beautiful it will be later.The last picture is a true water-colour. I love it.

Dina said...

Beautiful! I won't see that down here in Florida.

Bob Shank said...

Beautiful colors on the water, Coy. I love your photographs here! Your creative spirit is awesome and well represents the beauty of God's amazing creation!

Anonymous said...

From a boat - what a great way to get those gorgeous reflections!

Meggie said...

Can't beat autumn in Pennsylvania!

Unknown said...

Love the colors and the lake reflections!