Friday, April 12, 2013

Yellowlegs: Lesser or Greater?

 As the Meadow Grounds Lake recedes mud flats are being exposed.  The exposed lake bed in turn is attracting some species of bird life not normally seen when the lake is at full pool.  Such was the case last Saturday when I spotted a pair of Yellowlegs feeding near the north end.

 The first image captured the bird as it probed under the water and a moment later it had some type of bug or beetle grasp in its bill.
While I can identify the birds as yellowlegs I am unsure whether they are greater or lesser yellowlegs.

And the same goes for this group I captured running across a salt flat at Assateague Island during our October visit.  Any help with a positive ID on these birds will be much appreciated.


Kelly said...

Hi Coy,
My guess on the second shot would be a Greater. The bill is slightly upturned and seems to be longer than the head. Plus he has a bit of girth to him. (I love this shot...the light is lovely.)

I would guess Greaters on the last shot too because the bills look longer than the head, and they seem to be slightly two-toned as well.

I just saw a couple Lessers at a local pond and they just look daintier (only about 10 inches tall)...the bill is about the same length as the head. (I have a few photos up.) It's a guess, though! :-)

Montanagirl said...

I'm also guessing Greater. In any event, you took some really nice photos of them.

Lindsjö taxar said...

No idea! Love the Pictures though!