Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Bird and a Bow

Rainbow Pano
As the sky cleared after an evening thunder shower a beautiful double rainbow formed in the eastern sky.  The entire scene as too large to capture with my widest lens so I opted to photograph vertically in series and stitch it together in Photoshop.

Great-crested Flycatcher
While watching a meadow with Willard one evening he pointed out that a bird that may be of interest had landed behind me.  At first glance I though that it was a phoebe but flash of yellow on the breast brought me back for a second look.  I'm glad I did for this was only my second time identifying a great-crested flycatcher in the field.

Canon 6D, 600mm f4 L IS USM

While it doesn't qualify as a "lifer" this encounter did produce my best images to date of the species. 


Arija said...

I certainly cannot beat your magnificent rainbow, mine, also late afternoon while it was raining is just a pale shadow.
Your bird shots are clear and great for identification, a lot easier than the illustrations in a bird book. Especially the second is a real keeper.

Ruth Hiebert said...

The rainbow picture is wonderful. The Great-cested Flycatcher is a beautiful bird. To date I think I have one picture of it which I would consider good. Yours are great.

Montanagirl said...

Beautiful stitching job! That Flycatcher looks a lot like our Western Kingbirds over here.