Sunday, June 09, 2013

Down the Drain: Meadow Grounds Lake

Meadow Grounds Lake 6-8-13
Continuing to document the draining of the Meadow Grounds Lake, my wife and I again visited the lake Saturday evening.  This pano photographed from well below full pool line on the breast wall shows the small pond that remains. 

This photo taken facing south from mid-lake directly in front of the boat dock show the reappearing stream bed where Roaring Run flowed until the lake was built and now flows again.

Walking out from the former boat dock I spotted some old masonry work which shows here in the right foreground.

A closer look revealed the remains of what appears to be an old springhouse.  The water is again bubbling up inside the stone lined opening and flowing out to join Roaring Run as it would have done when it was the primary water source for inhabitants in years long gone by.

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Montanagirl said...

The last gasp. How sad.