Thursday, November 21, 2013

Running & Rutting

With the mating season peaking the normally reclusive whitetail bucks are very active and can be seen nearly any hour of night or day.  While I enjoy photographing whitetails any time of year there is no time like the rut to photograph and observe whitetail bucks.  Here a buck faces off with a smaller opponent.  Please note, this buck is not exhibiting aggression towards me but rather towards a buck just outside of the camera's field of view, note also that this shot as are most of my whitetail shot was made with a long telephoto lens; in this case I used a 600mm.  

The rut involves a lot of running and no doe is satisfied with a suitor until after she has led him and others on some long high-speed chases.

This fellow looks like he just kicked in the after-burner as he tries to catch up with a fleeing doe.

And finally when the time is right the chase stops.
When next June rolls around a new crop of  little spotted fawns, the results of this season's frantic activity, will arrive as a new generation continues the whitetails cycle of life.


Steve Ferendo said...

Great shots, Coy.

Montanagirl said...

Terrific action shots, Coy! We see very few Whitetail or Mule Deer. The populations are still trying to recover from EHD and the hard winter of a couple years ago.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great work, Beautiful!
Have a great weekend!