Friday, October 02, 2015

The Pennsylvania Elk

Photographing the Pennsylvania elk rut has become the outdoor highlight of the year for a great many people.  Pennsylvania has a growing elk herd that currently draws thousands of people to the elk range each autumn to enjoy observing the frantic activity of the elk rut.
I was originally planning to spend a few days each of the last two weeks of September in the elk range.  Problems arose causing a change of plans but finally I was able to get two days free.  Of course with my luck it began to rain as I approached Benezette Tuesday morning.  The light rain turned to a downpour by afternoon causing flooding during the night.  By morning the rain became light allowing a good morning of photography before my departure of home after lunch.
While the trip was short and rainy I returned happy with the outcome, some decent elk photos and a chance to catch up with photog friends like Odie, Buckwheat, Charlie, Tom, Dave.  I was also a pleasure to meet fellow outdoor blogger Dan Gomola



Ruth Hiebert said...

WOW! Those bulls are massive. I wonder what those antlers weigh.It must be quite a bit.

Woody Meristem said...

Hopefully that bull will survive the elk hunt, but he must be habituated to people and with the ridiculously small "no kill" area he'll probably wind up as some hunters "trophy".