Friday, October 15, 2010

Penn's Cave Light Show

At one point in the cavern tour Dave turned out his spotlight and activated a colored light show.  Although beautiful the light levels were so low the shutter speed fell far below the range for shooting hand-held even with image stabilization.  Of course since we were in a boat sitting on the water a tripod was completely out of the question.  This image was shot with a 45mm focal length, F4, 1/3 shutter speed. 

As the red light played across the columns the scene brightened enough for a 1/4 second shutter speed

And 1/6 second for the blue light shot

First opened for the public in 1885 Penn's Cave has attracted visitors for 125 years and is still going strong. 


Montanagirl said...

Your photos are still beautiful - all the colored lights are pretty neat.

imac said...

Pure Magic Coy.

Elaine said...

You did well on these shots, Coy. The caverns look spectacular. We passed close on our way south from Winslow Hill, but went through Bellefonte and State College and then on south to Hershey. Another place to visit on our next trip to PA! There really is a lot to see there.

FAB said...

Extraordinary shapes, forms and colours from your underground boat ride.

Chris said...

Wonderful set of pictures Coy! What a superb color!